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Places to Visit in Ghana

Ghana is not only famous for its cocoa cultivation but also is a great place for tourist attractions and visits. Since it is located in the Gulf region, around the Atlantic ocean, there are a ton of options to seek and visit.



Cape Coast

Coolest Restaurants

The cuisine served in the Gulf region is of the best quality, enriched with the spices from around the area. Chuck’s Bar and Restaurant, Urban Grill and Captain Hook’s seafood restaurant are some of the best options to name a few.

Simret – The Taste of Ethiopia

Located near the Accra region, it is one of the best in business to serve authentic African and Ethiopian food.

Bistro 22

An international restaurant, again in the Accra region knows their ways around the kitchen and the culinary industry.

Visiting Places In Ghana

The options to visit places in Ghana are endless. From the authentic cocoa cultivation to some of the elite clubs, restaurants and plantations with lush greenery, the little republic of Ghana is the best for all types of people.
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Essential Ghana

Are you in search of essentials in the lands? Sure, they’ve got room for them too!

Aburi Botanical Gardens

The lush greenery in the location is home to a variety of plants and insects.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

If you want to spend some chill time with your family, this is this right place

Labadi Pleasure Beach

Cool off at the beach witnessing the best sunset you've ever seen.

Mountain Trek

The entire nation is enriched with tall mountains that are also favourable for trekking conditions

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Technically Sound Ecommerce is Essential

Technically Sound Ecommerce is Essential

In Ecommerce the technical issues are that if you don’t have enough advanced technology knowledge best pressure cooker malaysia, and let’s be honest, you don’t need much to be able to create an online store; you may experience the following issues:

  • What happens if the payment system no longer works?
  • Do you know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to troubleshoot coding issues?
  • If you want to design a banner or edit an image on the site, do you have knowledge of web design?

If you are unable to solve these problems on your own, you should consult an expert. Fortunately, platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce have dedicated services to help you solve these problems.

Competition: Because the initial installation costs associated with starting an e-Commerce business are so low, this makes it a saturated market. So it is vital to do a thorough research before launch, and to find a profitable niche.

Enterprise eCommerce Software | Enterprise eCommerce System Solution

No physical presence: Although this aspect improves over time best pressure cooker review, the fact that potential customers cannot touch or feel the goods they want to buy can be a disadvantage.

Here are some ways to overcome these obstacles:

  • Offers free returns
  • Add high quality images
  • Show satisfied customers who use your products
  • Includes a very detailed description of the products
  • Create a FAQ section on each page

Initial expenses: The biggest challenge with an e-commerce is to make the first sale.

To do this you may have to spend some money to make more money. Some ways to get started can be:

  • Create a Google Shopping campaign
  • Use pop-ups to collect consumer data
  • Using email marketing
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Some examples of e-commerce stores:
  • Such shops appear around us like mushrooms after rain.
  • Are they all successful?

Most fail. But why?

In addition to the obstacles mentioned above Shop Journey Review, owners forget to put the needs of users before their goals.

A 10-Point Ecommerce SEO Checklist for Marketers

The user experience (UX) is vital for an e-commerce

Delivering an excellent user experience is an essential feature of any successful e-commerce store. If you do not take great care of this aspect, everything will become more difficult.

What are the main types of e-commerce?

Most are B2C (buyer to consumer). But there are several forms of e-commerce, and one can definitely suit your business idea.

There are some types of e-commerce. We will list and explain them briefly:

  • types of e-commerce 
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)

Quite self-explanatory, B2B e-Commerce occurs when a transaction is made between two companies. Among the most successful B2B companies are: HubSpot, which offers inbound marketing and sales software, and Xero, which offers accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

It’s the kind of e-commerce that sells products to ordinary people, like me and you. Online retailing as well as dropshipping usually works with this type of e-commerce.

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

When the sales process takes place between 2 consumers. This type of e-commerce has grown considerably in the last decade. Sites like Depop, Gumtree, Shpock are known in this type of business. eBay is still the market leader in this niche, established in 1995. It is closely followed by Etsy, which was founded ten years later in 2005.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

Consumer-to-business models are less common in e-commerce. This materializes when a consumer sells or contributes money to a company. Companies that use crowdsourcing or a Kickstarter campaign to fund their business fall into C2B.

Business-to-Administration (B2A)

This type of e-commerce occurs when transactions are made online between companies and the government.

What Makes digital marketing So Important

What Makes digital marketing So Important

Are you the owner of a small business and do you feel like you are always falling behind digital marketing malaysia, given the speed with which the world of digital marketing runs? Would you like to keep up, but you don’t have time to update and you haven’t gained enough skills?

Don’t worry, there are many who experience these sensations. It’s time to sharpen your weapons and put some simple tips into practice to start juggling digital marketing tools. The proper use of the digital marketing can actually offer the best results now.

Why is Digital Marketing so Important? | BusinessBlogs Hub

Don’t put too much meat on the fire

A mistake that we often fall into at the beginning, when there are few who have to do a little bit of everything digital marketing agencies, is to try to activate multiple marketing tools together and try to manage everything with little experience behind them.

Have you set up 10 social media accounts? Have you planned a PPC campaign? Do you have an editorial plan for your blog and need to take the time to write articles? And the worst part is, you’ve never even written an article for the web! If you have a small business and this all sounds familiar.

  • Concreteness: this is the key to making your business take off.
  • Being concrete on social media will allow you to build an authentic and loyal community.
  • Being concrete on your blog will allow you to reach potential consumers.
  • Being SEO concrete will save you money in the long run rather than investing in too much paid advertising.
  • To be concrete it is advisable to start in small steps, implement one action after another.

Position yourself on social media

As a small business owner, your goal should be to find your place on social media. This means you will initially need to figure out which social media is right for you.

You will have to start with a first phase of analysis, which starts from getting to know your potential customers, the content they are interested in, the social networks they frequent .

And the lesson here is: don’t waste your time on a platform where your audience simply isn’t there!

Why is Digital Marketing So Important? | DigitalCoast Marketing

Consider influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively new to the realm of digital marketing and not yet taken advantage of by small businesses. It can be a really powerful tool when used correctly.

So, what exactly is influencer marketing?

In two words, it means that you create collaborations with influential people in the market niche that interests you , to give visibility to your business and your brand. So-called influencers are basically the strongest references your business can have. A survey by the Collective Bias agency showed that 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by an unknown blogger.


You should therefore always take a look at potential future influencers in your industry. You will be able to involve them in order to build the visibility of your brand and study with them the type of collaboration that best fits your growth objectives.

What Are Digital Marketing And Its Perks?

What Are Digital Marketing And Its Perks?

Back in the 1900s, the radio was invented, and a form of digital marketing arose. Digital marketing cryptocurrency software, a form of marketing that did not even seem to exist a few years back, is now one of the most widely used marketing tactics. It involves the marketing of products and services through electronic devices. Digital marketing is the advertising delivered through digital channels like social media, email, web applications, or websites. It is always known and remembered for years that have been noticed through billboards that pop up on every street. Back a few years back, millions of clients spent hundreds of millions of dollars on billboards advertising. But now it’s all gone!

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business - Fourth Source


Why invest in social media?

Nowadays, everyone invests in social media. Social Media and search engine marketing generate more revenue than traditional marketing techniques like billboards and pamphlets because they now control more eyes. Everyone uses social media and search engines every day more than they see billboards; it would be a better choice to market your brand on that. Technically digital marketing has nothing to do with the internet. It’s all about catching the eye of a million people easily. More people are retweeting and posting on social media than traveling to places and viewing billboards.


Types of Digital Marketing 

There are two strong pillars to digital marketing that are online marketing and offline marketing. Few of the most common offline digital marketing which run till the current time are:

  • Radio Marketing 

100years have passed since the first radio broadcast, but the radio is still alive, and about 85% of the population can be reached by the radio. Most listeners listen to it for about 2 hours a day, on average. 

While the profits are low, the radio is not dead. People still do listen and believe in the RJs and what their view is on everything.

Top 13 Benefits of Digital Marketing - SIDNOVA

  • Television marketing 

TVs, as known now, is more of an advertisement than the show itself. They used the commercial breaks to bring out the advertisements, where brands pay them to publicize them through the middle of the good shows. Since video streaming apps have come up, TV ads efficiency has gone down, but many still watch it.

  • Phone marketing 

More people every day have access to the internet and mostly through their phones than their laptops and PCs. Exclusive discounts, coupons, and deals are a wonderful way to get customers back through access to just their phone number, which could turn into their regular spot. Text reminders to tell the customers they have access to a lot more than just the usual. Loyalty programs could also be done to get back the usual customers and widen the customer base.


In conclusion, digital marketing has been growing every day with increased ways to advertise and learn how things are done over the internet and other offline resources. Learning a few offline marketing tactics could help you not put all the apples in one basket and widen your horizon slightly to get more access to your people and use the leverage of modern media and the internet.  

New Generation of Digital Projection Technology Touch Screen in Retail

Transparent Touch Screen Technology: taptl - YouTube

New Generation of Digital Projection Technology Touch Screen in Retail

Brand names cater to customers by incorporating the familiar characteristics of these smartphones into shop displays with the ease that benefits from the smaller sizes of phones and tablets. These surfaces are usually formed like the wall or the table, which helps users to understand more about a product or even to tailor their experience. Touchscreen tables and digital mirrors help consumers build desire listing and store inventory navigation. Although this type of technology is particularly suitable for the fashion industry and touch screen kiosk malaysia, it is also used to sell everything from detergents to food and cars.

Retail is in the center of a renaissance of technology get the touch screen in retail. In addition to providing customers with more personalised, more streamlined shopping experiences, new software and audio-visual technology offer retailer insights and a more engaging marketing platform. Throttles are able to collect data and take decisions quicker and better than ever, by combining different types of digital displays with techniques such as touch screens, facial recognition, machine learning and mobile device integration.

Here we are examining new trends in order to determine how retailers can collect valuable anonymous customer information and personalise your shopping experience.

Big data and customisation

A modern technical piece of green touch company that does not collect data in order to customize or optimize the customer experience is difficult to find. Data on customer behaviour may be gained and analysed by retailers to influence the decisions on shop design, staffing, sales promotions and in-store ad designing and placement. As the data a store can generate is more usable, its communication transformation provides more opportunity for improved ROIs.

Data collection has become a passive process that does not require consumer action in recent improvements in display and camera technologies of touch screen in retail. For example, new camera and motion sensing solutions can help retailers determine how long shoppers take decisions, the most effective ads and even which floor plans allow customers to find their desired items.

 Custom information can also be used to create an omnichannel sales funnel that delivers timely and relevant marketing messages in the store and via branded mobile apps that “push” alerts to encourage discounts and/or products in-store. At-home reminders, for example, have led to the increase in prescription sales based on timely messages about the need for refills. This ability to reach customers everywhere and at any time offers an opportunity to share promotions and promote personal visits every day.


Destination Retail

Brands use immersive and large-scale show technology to create shopping destinations where customers cannot access experiences online. This concept of retail as a destination led Riser, a leading brand in the gaming industry, to the construction of multiple LG video walls and standalone displays in five separate countries


Razer has developed a two 1 1/6 screen wall galeries with 43-inch LG SM5KC-B screens, which have been developed by Coast to Coast Tech Goods to communicating crucial information to personnel, collaborators and tourists at touch screen in retail.

Know Before You Go: Baby’s First Swim

The memories attached to the first moves of your baby related to the various activities always hold a special place in your life. But to make the moment memorable, you must move in the right direction where no harm is caused to the baby. Starting with something new is always a little risky, and you are advised to take the necessary precautions, especially when your sweet baby is a part of the new activity after adjusting to travelling in the best infant stroller. Swimming is one such fun activity that requires a lot of precautions when taking your baby to the swimming pool for the first time. To maintain the fun intact and make some beautiful happy first swim memories, you should take care of the precautionary points mentioned below.

Check the temperature

The water temperature should be moderate enough to be good for babies as babies catch a cold very easily, especially when they spend time in the water. The pool’s water temperature should be heated up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Fahrenheit for babies who are three or lesser months old. If your baby starts to shiver and feel uncomfortable being in the water, immediately take him out of the pool. Make sure no inconvenience is caused to the body temperature, as this may lead to dire consequences. 


Take a short start

While you start the pool sessions with your baby, make sure you do not initially give long shots. Take short starts and let your baby get familiar while being in the water. Long hours in the pool could bring severe health damages to the body of the baby. Infants are too sensitive to new conditions, and this should be considered while bringing something new for the baby. 


Carry your baby’s most lovable toy to the pool

To make your baby familiar with the pool sessions, you should make sure to carry his favorite bath toy to the pool. The basic idea is to make the baby comfortable with the pool swimming and new bathing experience. A familiar toy would bring an added advantage to the comfort level we are trying to achieve in the pool sessions. 


Stay close to your baby

It is very important to let the baby feel secure during his first experience in the pool. Keep contact eye contact with your baby to feel secure while getting into the bigger bathtub that is the swimming pool. This would imbibe the feeling of safety and security within your infant. 


Avoid swimming during the hottest part of the day

Taking the baby in the swimming pool during the hottest part of the day is not a good idea. Avoid timings when the sun is at its peak, and on the other hand, make sure you use an appropriate sunscreen lotion designed especially for the babies. This would protect your baby from the sun damage.


Thus, these are the various essential pieces of advices that you should consider before taking your baby for the first swim.

6 Best Places to Visit in Ghana

6 Best Places to Visit in Ghana

Ghana is a place that has been providing some of the best coffee beans to the whole world. However, that is not the only thing it is famous for. Over the years, Ghana’s tourism has seen tremendous growth due to its popular tourist destinations that let you have a relaxing vacation while learning about the culture and food of Ghana. If you are planning your next trip to Ghana, make sure that you do not miss these popular destinations.


Accra is the largest city in Ghana with welcoming locals and a lot of vibrance in people’s culture and lifestyle. The city is surrounded by many beaches, including the famous Labadi Beach. You can visit the National Museum of Ghana to learn about the history of Ghana and its treasures.



Right next to Accra is Jamestown, which has a lot of history and inheritance from the times when British and Portuguese were operating the country. The city is also known to give birth to the best boxers in the country. If you want to get a hint of the rural and urban difference in Ghana, this is the town you need to visit to see both.

Cape Coast

Cape Coast is one of the popular culturally significant spots in Ghana and all of Africa. It was first called Cabo Corso by the Portuguese and one of the largest slave-trading centers in West Africa. Today is it more of a fishing town, but you can see the old colonial buildings in the streets while you walk around to try some good street food.

Kakum National Park

While you are in Cape Coast, you can spend a whole day to visit Kakum National Park to experience the wildlife of Ghana. The park has 40 mammal species, 300 bird species, and over 600 different butterfly species. Visit the canopy walk to experience the suspension bridges that make your experience a little more thrilling. It is better to have a guide with you to avoid getting lost in the park.

Elima Castle

Elima Castle

Elmina Castle was the first European slave trade post. It was built by the Portuguese in the 15th century and was controlled by the Dutch and the British in later years. It was the port for the Caribbean and Brazil slave routes. You can find the luxury accommodations on the top that were made for the Europeans and the dungeons below where they kept up to 200 people at once. Elima Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage and a part of the National Museum system.


If your true intention is to relax and find some lone quality time, you should visit Busua. It is the most chill beach for backpackers who are usually traveling solo or with their friends. The beach is situated around 30 km from the city of Takoradi. The village of Busua is an ideal base camp for tourists and offers many excursions.


I love Ghana, and the guide helped me explore it better.
Luis R. Parkhill