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Know Before You Go: Baby’s First Swim

The memories attached to the first moves of your baby related to the various activities always hold a special place in your life. But to make the moment memorable, you must move in the right direction where no harm is caused to the baby. Starting with something new is always a little risky, and you are advised to take the necessary precautions, especially when your sweet baby is a part of the new activity after adjusting to travelling in the best infant stroller. Swimming is one such fun activity that requires a lot of precautions when taking your baby to the swimming pool for the first time. To maintain the fun intact and make some beautiful happy first swim memories, you should take care of the precautionary points mentioned below.

Check the temperature

The water temperature should be moderate enough to be good for babies as babies catch a cold very easily, especially when they spend time in the water. The pool’s water temperature should be heated up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Fahrenheit for babies who are three or lesser months old. If your baby starts to shiver and feel uncomfortable being in the water, immediately take him out of the pool. Make sure no inconvenience is caused to the body temperature, as this may lead to dire consequences. 


Take a short start

While you start the pool sessions with your baby, make sure you do not initially give long shots. Take short starts and let your baby get familiar while being in the water. Long hours in the pool could bring severe health damages to the body of the baby. Infants are too sensitive to new conditions, and this should be considered while bringing something new for the baby. 


Carry your baby’s most lovable toy to the pool

To make your baby familiar with the pool sessions, you should make sure to carry his favorite bath toy to the pool. The basic idea is to make the baby comfortable with the pool swimming and new bathing experience. A familiar toy would bring an added advantage to the comfort level we are trying to achieve in the pool sessions. 


Stay close to your baby

It is very important to let the baby feel secure during his first experience in the pool. Keep contact eye contact with your baby to feel secure while getting into the bigger bathtub that is the swimming pool. This would imbibe the feeling of safety and security within your infant. 


Avoid swimming during the hottest part of the day

Taking the baby in the swimming pool during the hottest part of the day is not a good idea. Avoid timings when the sun is at its peak, and on the other hand, make sure you use an appropriate sunscreen lotion designed especially for the babies. This would protect your baby from the sun damage.


Thus, these are the various essential pieces of advices that you should consider before taking your baby for the first swim.