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Places to Visit in Ghana

Ghana is not only famous for its cocoa cultivation but also is a great place for tourist attractions and visits. Since it is located in the Gulf region, around the Atlantic ocean, there are a ton of options to seek and visit.



Cape Coast

Coolest Restaurants

The cuisine served in the Gulf region is of the best quality, enriched with the spices from around the area. Chuck’s Bar and Restaurant, Urban Grill and Captain Hook’s seafood restaurant are some of the best options to name a few.

Simret – The Taste of Ethiopia

Located near the Accra region, it is one of the best in business to serve authentic African and Ethiopian food.

Bistro 22

An international restaurant, again in the Accra region knows their ways around the kitchen and the culinary industry.

Visiting Places In Ghana

The options to visit places in Ghana are endless. From the authentic cocoa cultivation to some of the elite clubs, restaurants and plantations with lush greenery, the little republic of Ghana is the best for all types of people.
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Essential Ghana

Are you in search of essentials in the lands? Sure, they’ve got room for them too!

Aburi Botanical Gardens

The lush greenery in the location is home to a variety of plants and insects.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

If you want to spend some chill time with your family, this is this right place

Labadi Pleasure Beach

Cool off at the beach witnessing the best sunset you've ever seen.

Mountain Trek

The entire nation is enriched with tall mountains that are also favourable for trekking conditions

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6 Best Places to Visit in Ghana

6 Best Places to Visit in Ghana

Ghana is a place that has been providing some of the best coffee beans to the whole world. However, that is not the only thing it is famous for. Over the years, Ghana’s tourism has seen tremendous growth due to its popular tourist destinations that let you have a relaxing vacation while learning about the culture and food of Ghana. If you are planning your next trip to Ghana, make sure that you do not miss these popular destinations.


Accra is the largest city in Ghana with welcoming locals and a lot of vibrance in people’s culture and lifestyle. The city is surrounded by many beaches, including the famous Labadi Beach. You can visit the National Museum of Ghana to learn about the history of Ghana and its treasures.



Right next to Accra is Jamestown, which has a lot of history and inheritance from the times when British and Portuguese were operating the country. The city is also known to give birth to the best boxers in the country. If you want to get a hint of the rural and urban difference in Ghana, this is the town you need to visit to see both.

Cape Coast

Cape Coast is one of the popular culturally significant spots in Ghana and all of Africa. It was first called Cabo Corso by the Portuguese and one of the largest slave-trading centers in West Africa. Today is it more of a fishing town, but you can see the old colonial buildings in the streets while you walk around to try some good street food.

Kakum National Park

While you are in Cape Coast, you can spend a whole day to visit Kakum National Park to experience the wildlife of Ghana. The park has 40 mammal species, 300 bird species, and over 600 different butterfly species. Visit the canopy walk to experience the suspension bridges that make your experience a little more thrilling. It is better to have a guide with you to avoid getting lost in the park.

Elima Castle

Elima Castle

Elmina Castle was the first European slave trade post. It was built by the Portuguese in the 15th century and was controlled by the Dutch and the British in later years. It was the port for the Caribbean and Brazil slave routes. You can find the luxury accommodations on the top that were made for the Europeans and the dungeons below where they kept up to 200 people at once. Elima Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage and a part of the National Museum system.


If your true intention is to relax and find some lone quality time, you should visit Busua. It is the most chill beach for backpackers who are usually traveling solo or with their friends. The beach is situated around 30 km from the city of Takoradi. The village of Busua is an ideal base camp for tourists and offers many excursions.


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